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§ Switch

Recently switched over from Free to Orange.

§ Pros

§ Cons

§ Consequences

§ DynDNS

Problem: changing IPv4 address. My NAS would change IP regularly, because “The fixed IP option is not compatible with fiber” Orange Conseil.

Solution: DynDNS. Make a regular curl(1) call to the specific endpoint, and TADA.




*/5  *    *    *    *    curl -4s --user "$OVH_USER:$OVH_KEY" "https://www.ovh.com/nic/update?system=dyndns&hostname=${OVH_HOST}"

Thanks Wojciech Langiewicz

§ IPv6

§ It works…

As usual, HurricaneElectric provides! Click click click, new tunnel up and running.

Same as above for DynDNS updates:

*/5  *    *    *    *    curl -4s --user "$TB_USER:$TB_KEY" "https://ipv4.tunnelbroker.net/nic/update?hostname=${TB_ID}"

API is documented here.

§ …not!

Stupid issues, first identified because of very, very low speed when downloading from a FreeBSD repo. Some tcpdump(1), ping(1) later, here’s an issue that even Google doesn’t know about:

00:00:04.045368 AF IPv6 (28), length 84: version error: 0 != 6

Which, of course, is as helpful as it’s expressive. Maybe a broken config on my end? After all, I’m still at the beginner level of networking. Wrong prefixlen? Nope, changing it breaks even ping6. Oops.